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Test analysis performed in batches of 20

DATE: 22 JUNE 2016
Now on : Program Resumed 5 July 2016
Samples analyzed since June 2012 : 287
Test analysis performed in batches of 20

MEBO Research is a
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Metabolomic Profiling Study

Start : Aug 2016
Stage 1 : 27 Canadian volunteers to test
Latest click here (11 sept) :
10 samples returned
2 undeliverable,
awaiting 15 samples from participants.

Note : Stage 1 is Canada only.
When 27 samples returned will be batch tested
Return cut-off date : very soon
Analysis can take 6/8 weeks
Analysis start in/before Nov

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Monday, September 26, 2016

More information on Grape Seed supplements and Resveratrol

Since not enough has been studied of the results of resveratrol in relation to body and/or breath odor conditions, I would like to add in this post a few more references to studies of resveratrol. Before I do, I would again like to stress the importance of consulting with your physician before taking any supplement, including Grape Seed supplements and Resveratrol. Below are some quotes noted on the bottles of these supplements.
"Caution: Persons taking medications that affect platelet aggregation (such as aspirin, warfarin, NSAIDs) or persons with bleeding disorders, such as peptic ulcers should consult a healthcare professional before using grape seed extract."
Nature's Way Premium Extract Grape Seed vcaps

"Caution: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this [resveratrol] or any dietary supplement."
BRI Resveratrol Extra Strength

"Side effects may include minor gastrointestinal upset, nausea, headache and fatigue and possible supplement-drug interactions with estrogens and anticoagulants."

Studies indicate that resveratrol changes gut microbiome and inhibits trimethylamine (TMA) production by gut bacteria.

New Research Topics (2016):

  1. Resveratrol and health - A comprehensive review of human clinical trials
    Article (PDF Available) in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 55(8):1129-41 · August 2011 with 1,188 Reads
    DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.201100143 · Source: PubMed

    Very few published human studies have explored the ability of resveratrol to achieve the physiological benefits that have been observed in laboratory models, although many clinical trials have recently been initiated. This review aims to examine the current state of knowledge on the effects of resveratrol on humans and to utilize this information to develop further guidelines for the implementation of human clinical trials.

    In the Summary and Recommendations of this study (see #12) it states,
    12 Summary and recommendations

    The emerging data from human clinical trials confirmswhat the past decade of in vitro and laboratory animalmodels have suggested; resveratrol has considerable poten-tial to improve health and prevent chronic disease inhumans. We believe the evidence is sufficiently strong toconclude that a single dose of resveratrol is able to inducebeneficial physiologic responses, and that either weeks ormonths of resveratrol supplementation produces physiolo-gic changes that are predictive of improved health, especiallyin clinical populations with compromised health...

  2. Targeting gut microbiome to fight heart disease Date: April 5, 2016 Source: American Society for Microbiology Summary: A compound found in red wine, resveratrol, reduces the risk of heart disease by changing the gut microbiome, according to a new study. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in industrialized societies including the United States, and the incidence is growing in developing countries.
    … Resveratrol inhibits TMA production by gut bacteria... In our current study, we found that resveratrol can remodel the gut microbiota including increasing the Bacteroidetes-to-Firmicutes ratios, significantly inhibiting the growth of Prevotella, and increasing the relative abundance of Bacteroides, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Akkermansia in mice," said Dr. Mi. "Resveratrol reduces TMAO levels by inhibiting the gut microbial TMA formation via remodeling gut microbiota.
  3. Therapeutic potential of resveratrol: the in vivo evidence
    Joseph A. Baur and David A. Sinclair
  4. Abstract | Resveratrol, a constituent of red wine, has long been suspected to have cardioprotective effects. Interest in this compound has been renewed in recent years, first from its identification as a chemopreventive agent for skin cancer, and subsequently from reports that it activates sirtuin deacetylases and extends the lifespans of lower organisms. Despite scepticism concerning its bioavailability, a growing body of in vivo evidence indicates that resveratrol has protective effects in rodent models of stress and disease. Here, we provide a comprehensive and critical review of the in vivo data on resveratrol, and consider its potential as a therapeutic for humans.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity (em português)
MEBO's Blog (English)
El Blog de MEBO (español)

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A EURORDIS and NORD Member Organization

Friday, September 23, 2016

TMAU paper funded by NORD Grant donations

This is the TMAU paper funded by donations to the NORD TMAU Grant.
Funding was raised by the community (about $25k).

Note :
This is a public pre-print the research group have released.
It has not yet been peer reviewed 
(i.e. published in a Journal (pending))

Pre-prints of research papers :
A new trend is for researchers to pre-print research papers on specialist online websites intended to host research papers without the need for being peer reviewed to be accepted to a medical journal. This paper has been uploaded by the researchers to the website 'open science network'.

Paper Title :
Genetic Analysis of Impaired Trimethylamine Metabolism Using Whole ExomeSequencing
Link to paper (online science network)  

Observations on the paper :
We have quickly posted the paper so the community can read it ASAP. Our own comments on the paper may appear in later posts.

Post your comments :
But you can post your comments here now if you wish. Use the button below.

The study was carried out under the auspices of Monell Chemical Senses Center

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Update MEBO TMAU Test Batch#16

I was planning on shipping the 21 samples I had in my possession to the lab this past Monday, but the lab asked me to please wait one more week when they would be ready to receive them. So I will now be shipping on Monday, September 26th, the 25 samples I have and one more sample I will receive tomorrow; that's a total of 26 samples to be shipped for Batch#16.
Meanwhile, there are 10 additional samples that have not been returned to me, so they will be shipped as part of Batch #17. I'm glad to see that these batches seem to be filling up rather quickly.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity (em português)
MEBO's Blog (English)
El Blog de MEBO (español)

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A EURORDIS and NORD Member Organization