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DATE: 30 JUL 2014
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Samples analyzed since June 2012 : 208
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Current samples received for Batch#11 : 12

Will send 15 to 20 samples to the lab for Batch#11.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MEBO Research supports the RE(ACT) crowdfunding platform for funding TMAU research projects

RE(ACT) TMAU group
15 members needed to be 'open for projects'
Current total : 5

Sign up here
tick 'patient' and
choose 'Trimethylaminuria'
MEBO Research supports RE(ACT) TMAU group on the RE(ACT) crowdfunding platform, a website specially tailored to allow the public to fund rare disease research projects which are unlikely to get funding elsewhere.

MEBO Research has become aware of a relatively new website that is specially suited to allow 'patients' and 'researchers' to come together to fund projects of any particular 'rare disease'. I nthe case of our community, the 'rare disease is Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)

The RE(ACT) (commonly known as REACT ) webpage for the TMAU community can be seen here :
RE(ACT) webpage for Trimethylaminuria group
RE(ACT) platform Homepage

REACT is part of the BlackSwan Foundation, a registered Swiss charity that has supporters (in name only) such as Eurordis who fund REACT is a very new project. It's first approved project for crowdfunding only opened for crowdfunding this week.
melanocytic nevi project

Each research project has to be approved by REACTs scientific committee before it can be open to crowdfunding. It is expected that any project put to the committee should have a decision made within 3-5 weeks. REACT has a 10% admin fee from each donation to cover admin costs etc. Payments are via Paypal but you don't need a Paypal account.


How to use this blog "for beginners" Part 3

Back in April 19, 2011, when the blog only had 864 posts, I published a post in this blog entitled, "How to use this blog : for beginners" Part 2.” Now the blog has 1,356 posts, and we have grown so much as an international community. We have sought for and acquired so much more information, and thanks to the support and guidance of so many experts, new funded research projects have been launched, including the UK Medical Research Council(MRC) funded research "Therapy for the body and Breath malodour disorder Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)". are underway and the first ever TMAU testing in Latin America was launched in Brazil. Now, we have so much more new information to offer, that I struggle to find a way to introduce all this information to a newcomer. Where do we begin?

Please refer to MEBO website in which discussion on the different types of systemic and metabolic body odor and halitosis conditions. The Trimethylaminuria section featurse a PowerPoint presentation given to MEBO Research by the renown Dr. Elizabeth Shephard on FMO3 enzyme and TMAU for viewing in the conference part of our Washington DC Meetup 2011. For the MEBO Annual Meetup and Conference held in Miami Beach in 2012, Dr. Shephard also prepared a PowerPoint Presentation, "Pharmacogenetics & Personalized Medicine". This presentation discusses how chemicals affect different people differently, and sufferers are more sensitive to them than non-sufferers. Professor Elizabeth Shephard is one of MEBO's Scientific Advisers, a Member of the MEBO Institutional Ethics Review Board (IRB), and heads the above-mentioned MRC funded research in the UK.

Many of MEBO members and directors have participated in various projects in the MEBO Raising Awareness Campaign. All members, new and old, are encouraged to take the initiative and become proactive in this campaign.

One can browse through the Interviews with Experts section (scroll down to see all posts), in which experts have kindly given us answers to many of our questions. Some interviews are easier to understand than others, but it time, things will begin to make more sense, and you will begin to understand your odor condition better. It is in understanding our respective body odor condition that leads us to determining what odor-management protocol to follow to reduce our body odor.

Equally as important to determining the degree of odor, we also do need to become informed on the sensitivity, or lack of sensitivity of the human olfactory system. The post, “Do they smell me or not?” attempts to address this question.

This leads us to some suggestions on some blog posts on TMAU odor-management protocols recommended by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), and its variations adapted by different cultures. The value of probiotics and prebiotics is also stressed to help with gut flora imbalances (gut dysbiosis), which may have odor-producing microorganisms overpopulating in our gut, irritating the semipermeable wall, thus allowing larger molecules to filter through to the bloodstream, that perhaps should not do so under normal condition. Also, there are TMA and hydrogen sulfide odor-producing bacteria in the gut, vagina, and dorsal tongue that have been treated with probiotics (in some cases successfully).

You will find that there are many posts written on bromhidrosis, hyperhidrosis, halitosis, and foot odor.

A whole page is dedicated to the International TMAU Testing Labs from around the globe. The lab, DLE- Medicina Laboratorial in Brazil to launch the first TMAU Urine Test in Latin America with MEBO Research on January 6, 2014, and already approximately 10 sufferers in Brazil have been able to do their urine test. The program is being further developed to be able to provide services to the rest of Latin America.

The MEBO Blog also has a page highlighting the various groups that comprise our International Community Involvement. As an organized international community, we have written an Anthology of testimonials expressed in poetry, essays and short stories. We also carry out our Raising Awareness Campaign in the medical and mental health community, as well as in society at large in multiple countries.

You might also enjoy watching the videos we have in various posts throughout this blog.

This is only scratching the surface of a well-rounded coverage of body odor conditions, our international community of volunteers' proactive involvement, and testing sites, and I hope you find this information interesting and useful in learning management techniques regarding your own condition.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity
MEBO's Blog (English)
El Blog de MEBO (español)
MEBO Brasil - Blog (Portuguese)

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A EURORDIS and NORD Member Organization 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



There are a few members of the MEBO international community that live in various countries in Africa who have diligently attempted, without success, to purchase the recommended supplements and skin cleansers recommended in the Trimethylaminuria Odor-Management Protocol. Athough some African countries do have access to these supplements and cleansers, many do not.

MEBO would like to provide support (at a minimal cost) to sufferers in countries who do not have online or physical access to supplements and skin cleansers. This project depends on small donations from many sufferers around the world.

With support from our MEBO international community, MEBO set up a trial-run shipment of supplements and skin cleansers with to Nairobi, Kenya on June 3, 2014, so that based on the outcome of this shipment, we could determine whether MEBO could begin a Supplements for Africa Drive. This shipment took 49 days to arrive to its final destination on July 22nd, and it was intact and in good condition. The benefits of setting up this program with is that they would be the ones dealing with the various countries' Customs Agencies, and their shipping cost is the lowest available.

The following are the products shipped to Nairobi:
  • (2) Charcoal 260 mg by Source Naturals - 200 Capsules each bottle
  • (1) Chlorofresh Mint by Nature's Way - 16 fl oz
  • (1) B-2 250 mg by Nature's Life - 100 Tabs
  • (1) Salicylic Acid Scalp Shampoo by Collective Wellbeing - 11.5 fl oz
  • (1) Psoriasis Medicated Body Wash by Home Health Products - 8 oz (even though TMAU is not related to psoriasis, this was the only scalp and body wash that has the active ingredient of Salicylic Acid, and natural ingredients, allantoin, Aloe Verga Gel, Carrot Oil, Echinacea Extract, and Jojoba Oil.)
The total cost for all these items was $55.25 and the shipping cost to Kenya is only $37.50 through (total $92.75 USD), and the recipient paid 518 Kenya Shillings (Ksh.), which is approximately $5.89 USD when claiming the shipment.

Since many sufferers in the US and the UK have expressed interest in donating to this program, MEBO has created a PayPal Donate Button that goes directly to the MEBO US PayPal Account or the MEBO UK PayPal Account, according to the donor's preference. When you begin the donation process, it will be clearly indicated that your donation is going to go to the SUPPLEMENT FOR AFRICA DRIVE.

With a small donation from each of us, our fellow-sufferers can share in the same opportunities as other sufferers around the world to try to manage their symptoms.

NOTE: It is very important to point out that these supplements and skin cleansers alone will not control TMAU odor symptoms. It is extremely important to follow the protocol exactly as prescribed in order to decrease the production of TMA in the gut and to cleanse TMA from the body.





Thanking everyone in advance for your donations.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity
MEBO's Blog (English)
El Blog de MEBO (español)
MEBO Brasil - Blog (Portuguese)

SUPPORT THE MEBO MISSION: Click Amazon button at right sidebar of this blog when shopping online for the holidays
at no extra cost to you.
MEBO gets small commission from Amazon.

Use your credit card to make your donation.

A EURORDIS and NORD Member Organization