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TMAU Urine Test

$150 plus
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for one test,

shipping costs

for 2 tests over time.
Send email to to arrange, AFTER filling out Requisition Form, please..
(supplied with test-kit)

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Test analysis performed in batches of 15 to 20

DATE: 18 DEC 2014
Now on : Batch #13
Samples analyzed since June 2012 : 239
Samples sold for Batch#13 : 19
Current samples received for Batch#13 : 11

Test analysis performed in
batches of 15 to 20

Sonya's TMAU diet book

One of our group, Sonya McClinton, has written a 'low choline' recipe book. If you buy from Amazon through these links MEBO get a small % at no extra cost to the buyer

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38 sold

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14 sold
Don't have a kindle ? There are details on the right-side of the amazon pages how to download an app for smartphones, PC, or tablet. For Spain/Canada use the Amazon links in the left sidebar

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Upcoming get-togethers

TMAU support group in Ormond Beach, Florida
contact Hilda at

Let us know if you want a meetup listed

Skype Group

International Skype group

Join through skype : username "Jo Jo"
members so far : 71
download skype (free version)
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Search for skunkhugsj : Make him a contact
Or ask anyone in the group to add you to group

Bi-Weekly Group Calls

USA : (712) 432 1620
access code : 391629#
NON USA : add 001 prefixGeneral Conferences: normally every other Sunday starting at 2:00pm - 4:30pm Eastern Time.

Note: can also be used anytime for unscheduled group chats

Free USA-based phone conferences (if you have a long distance call plan. Otherwise you will be charged as a long-distance call)

For USA-based : (712) 432 1620 then type the access code on your phone keypad: 391629#
Non USA : prefix above with 001 but check to see if it is free with your supplier

Record number of callers : 70+
If privacy is a concern, code your phone to PRIVATE mode
This phone line can be used anytime to talk to other sufferers
You don't need to talk. You can just listen

MEBO Community Outreach Program

Click here, Scroll down, Click on
"This belongs on CNN"
Cheryl Fields, Ph.D. (ABD)
MEBO Community
Outreach Director
Book uplifting seminars for free.

Click here for details and scroll downHome/Voicemail (785)-286-7005

Cheryl's CNN campaign

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TOTAL DONATIONS: $267.48 = £159.47 (30AUG14)
1st shipment to Kenya 3JUN14 $92.75/USD
2nd shipment to Ghana 15AUG14 $104.56/USD
3rd shipment to Kenya 19SEP14 $95.51/USD



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Rare Disease-Detection, Treatment, Care and Research'

Click & scroll down
‘Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs:
Rare Disease-Detection,
Treatment, Care and Research’

As a EURORDIS Member, the MEBO community can access a special edition of the journal 'Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs: Rare Disease-Detection, Treatment, Care and Research' for free until 26 December. As the EURORDIS Junior Communications Manager, tells MEBO in an email,

Please use the following link to access the journal online:

This themed issue has been organised in partnership with us, EURORDIS, and NORD. The purpose of this themed issue is to improve the scientific community’s understanding of the important issues surrounding rare diseases and the impact they have on the lives of patients. Our CEO, Yann Le Cam has contributed an article entitled ‘A hidden priority: the paradox of rarity (EURORDIS perspective)’ to the edition, available at the above link.

The issue includes pieces covering the importance of raising awareness and sharing family experiences on coping and caring for a child affected by a complex rare disease; creating patient communities; promoting policies and support in favour of research on rare and genetic diseases; promoting better standards of diagnosis and care; and easier access to cross-border care for patients affected by rare diseases.

For a limited time, you can access content from this themed issue for Free below


Read More:

We appreciate the invaluable work EURORDIS and NORD have done for all rare disease patients and organizations throughout the year. We are proud to be members of these organizations.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Use MEBO sites to click on MEBO Amazon links

To use MEBO Amazon links, click on the links or banners on public sites such as this blog
Unfortunately, if you save the links in your browser MEBO will not get commission on purchases 

Amazon USA
In the previous post, it was thought that clicking on MEBO Amazon links anywhere would be enough for MEBO to get commission on any purchases. However there were 37 purchases via the MEBO link this month, and commission was only given in 5.

After inquiring about this, it seems that only MEBO-Amazon links or banners on any MEBO site qualify for commission (it seems. We will need to check regarding emails). So for anyone wishing for MEBO to get commission on purchases via Amazon, please use the Amazon banners or links on the blog or any posted in the MEBO Facebook page (for example). The tagged links can also be posted on any public site.

Thank you to everyone who uses the links

Currrent MEBO Amazon USA total raised : $440.46

Amazon USA : You can use these links on any MEBO site (or click through links on this blog)

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Spain

Please do not save the links in your browser. Use the links on public sites.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shop through MEBO's Amazon link

Replace your saved Amazon link with the Amazon MEBO link

Amazon USA
Most people probably have the Amazon Homepage saved in their browser bookmarks/favorites.

If you replace your saved Amazon Homepage link with the Amazon MEBO Homepage link, MEBO will then get around 1-5% of your purchase cost AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. No personal info is shared with MEBO apart from listing what is bought (probably so that affiliates can see what sells best). MEBO do not know who bought what or any personal or financial info.

If you shop at Amazon USA, you would replace your current saved Amazon link with this link

Anything brought through this link will mean 1-5% commission for MEBO

If you shop at Amazon UK, you would replace your current saved Amazon link with this link

Save/Use this link

Save/Use this link

Other countries
If you have an Amazon in another country we can look to see if they have an affiliate program MEBO can join

Email MEBO
If you have any enquiries about this program feel free to email us.

Other ways to purchase via the MEBO Amazon affiliate program
Basically you can go through any Amazon links or banners on this blog or the MEBO website. They all have the MEBO Amazon affiliate tags.

A great way to raise money
This is a win/win way to raise money. It costs nothing to the buyer, and MEBO will get a small % of the cost. Current totals raised are kept in the Amazon box in the sidebar.

Use your credit card to make your donation to MEBO.