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Bad Breath: The How, Why, and the Goodbye


If you’re like me, it can be tough to be confident in situations where you have bad breath. The human experience is all about interacting with other humans. Interactions are heightened when you can get very close to somebody. This is part of the reason why close intimacy is so powerful when building relationships.

The Big Setback

However, if you have bad breath, it can be very difficult to get in close proximity with people. While having fresh breath can have a positive impact on people, bad breath can scare them away or make you seem less credible.

If you’re like me, you take good care of yourself in the hygiene department. You shower pretty much everyday, groom yourself, and take great care of your teeth. However, it seems that bad breath can permeate even the most formidable hygiene routines. Is there a way around it? Is there something that you can do about it?

A Journey


I spent a long time searching far and wide for the bad breath cure. In my research, I found that chronic bad breath is caused by a condition called halitosis. If you have this condition, you’ll get perpetual bad breath no matter what you do to try to stop it. I tried a lot of tips and tricks that I found in guides, and nothing seemed to work. However, in my deep research, I found one guide that seemed to reveal some unknown information to me. I decided to try out the guide and lo and behold: the halitosis was gone in only three days. That’s right, you heard me – three days. I’m going to get into a little bit about the Halitosis Guide in the format of a review, but let me just say this: you should definitely buy it for yourself to get the wealth of knowledge that it contains. Stay tuned!

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About Me

I’m your average guy. I work a nine to five job at an insurance agency. I got a degree in advertising. You know, nothing crazy out of the ordinary. Since being in college and having a desk job, there are social cues that I have picked up on to which I used to be oblivious. For example, I used to not dress very well. However, since I had that realization after my freshman year of college, I decided to take my style and wardrobe to the next level. I wanted to be able to appear confident and strong when I was around girls.

The Final Barrier

However, there was one more thing that was really holding me back in that department: my bad breath. I was hesitant to go on dates because I knew if I got too close, my bad breath would potentially be a turn off. Hence, my quest for the halitosis cure began in college and would lead me on a long journey filled with facts, lies, and everything in between.


When I discovered the Halitosis Guide, I was about knee deep in useless bad breath remedies. I was beginning to realize that I needed to get to the root of the issue. To its very core. I knew that in order to know how to get rid of bad breath, I needed to know what causes bad breath.

When I picked up the guide, some of the first things I read shot right out of the page at me. It was telling me that much of what my bad breath consisted of was chemicals! I had no idea! Did you know that bad breath contains such chemicals as:

  • Putrescine (smells like rotten meat!)
  • Cadaverine (smells like corpses!)
  • Isovaleric acid (smells like sweaty feet!)

Not only do these chemicals smell bad – they can actually harm you too! Once I learned about this aspect of bad breath, I knew I was well on my way to discovering for myself what real halitosis treatment was all about.


Halitosis Guide Review


I’ve checked out a lot of guides that talk about bad breath treatment. However, I realized than none have been as enlightening and effective as this one. In a sense, I feel like this guide is the only one that I know that offers a working method of how to cure bad breath.

Through reading this guide, I learned:

  • You can cut costs by making an anti-halitosis formula using only $2 worth of ingredients from the supermarket
  • Brushing and flossing, while healthy, don’t cure you of having bad breath
  • You shouldn’t use off the shelf toothpaste – it’s actually bad for you
  • Research backed methods show largely ignored ways of fighting halitosis

This guide doesn’t just deal with bad breath – it has so much more to offer. Inside the pages, I found out about pertinent and groundbreaking dental research that has been ignored for years. Through this, I know now what is truly good for your teeth and gums and what is not.

Using what I have learned from this guide, I have kicked halitosis to the curb. What is more, I have found out a ton of useful ways to improve my overall dental health. I’m a pretty clean guy – and I had no idea that I was doing so many things incorrectly! This guide has completely revolutionized the way that I think about taking care of all of the things that are part of my mouth.

I would recommend this guide to ten out of ten people. In my opinion, it is totally a must have. Don’t hesitate, get on your way to great dental health and amazingly fresh breath today!


So what ever happened to my plight of being confident in social situations? Getting rid of bad breath cured everything, right?

Well, not exactly. There were still other things about being attractive that I had yet to learn. However, getting rid of my halitosis was something that really helped me discover more about myself and my confidence. I’m so happy that I discovered Halitosis Guide because it really got the wheels turning for a lot of things pertaining to self image in my life.

Don’t wait a second longer. You can go on an amazing journey of self realization and oral health through just getting this amazing guide. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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