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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why MEBO Research approached Dr. Hazen, Cleveland Clinic for TMAU Test Program

Research Asserts:

I would like to thank those persons who have entrusted their TMAU Testing process to MEBO Research (MEBO) and the Cleveland Clinic. This post attempt to give background information as to why MEBO decided to approach Stanley L Hazen, MD, PhD, section head of Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Hazen is a medical director of the Preventive Research Laboratory (PRL) at the Cleveland Clinic, which serves as reference laboratory for many FDA monitored trials. In addition to his credentials noted below in his Biography, we found an article on his research that links levels of TMAO, notably found in test results consistent with, but not limited to, Secondary TMAU, to potentially be of interest to our community.

I have asked Dr. Hazen whether he would please tell us a little about himself and his practice, and he has provided us with a pre-prepared introduction of him used recently when he was introduced at an awards ceremony. Dr. Hazen is, “the scientific founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Cleveland Heart Lab, a disease management and reference laboratory specializing in prevention of cardiometabolic diseases.” Of particular interest to our community, “He is the scientific founder of PrognostiX, a company focused on the development of novel diagnostic tests.”

Dr. Hazen says that they are looking at ways of eliminating or suppressing the production of TMA in the gut, as their data suggests this could possibly help decrease cardiac risks.


The Cleveland Clinic is one of the top ranked heart disease hospitals in the country. Dr. Hazen says that they are looking at ways of eliminating or suppressing the production of TMA in the gut, as their data suggests this could possibly help decrease cardiac risks. Coincidentally, this effort would potentially effectively 'abolish' Secondary TMAU (believed to be produced by a bacteria in the gut), but not genetic Primary TMAU, an FMO3 deficiency. Since the study has to do with heart disease primarily, it is of primary concern to the medical community and society, and perhaps, might facilitate our grant-writing efforts. When asked how soon clinical studies might begin - Dr. Hazen tells MEBO Research,

While small pilot studies in humans are already under way, - we are still years away from a potential therapy.

Dr. Stanley Hazen's biography:

Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD, is the Head of the Section for Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation and Director for the Center for Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Prevention at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Hazen also holds Staff appointments in the Departments of Cell Biology and Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, and the Department of Molecular Medicine, at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

Dr Hazen has publishing more than 225 peer-reviewed articles, invited reviews, and book chapters in the fields of atherosclerosis, oxidation and inflammation chemistry and cardiovascular disease. He has more than 50 issued or pending patents for his work in identifying patients at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diagnosing asthma, and treatments for inflammation, cardiovascular disease and associated complications. Dr. Hazen is the scientific founder of PrognostiX, a company focused on the development of novel diagnostic tests. He also is the scientific founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cleveland Heart Lab, a disease management and reference laboratory specializing in prevention of cardiometabolic diseases.

Dr Hazen’s brings a truly multidisciplinary approach to his research to uncover fundamental underlying processes involved in disease, and how these can be leveraged to improve health and wellness. He has received many honors and awards for his research work, which has contributed to new understandings of inflammation in cardiovascular disease and the development of path breaking diagnostic and treatment tools that are in clinical use around the world. The impact of Dr. Hazen’s work has been recognized by many organizations. He has been awarded multiple National Institutes of Health research awards related to basic, translational and clinical research in atherosclerotic heart diseases, inflammation and asthma. Dr Hazen has been elected into honorary societies for achievements in research and clinic arenas alike, including election into both the American Society of Clinical Investigation and the Association of American Physicians. In 2008 he was elected as Fellow into the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. In 2009, he was the inaugural winner of the Cleveland Clinic Sones Innovation Award.

This post was authorized by Dr. Hazen.

Both Dr. Hazen and MEBO Research are very much interested in the compilation of data from our test results so that he may study us and either recommend additional testing/research studies, and/or treatment protocols for our community. I feel most confident placing our international community in Dr. Hazen’s very capable hands so that not only can he develop whatever tests he deems beneficial for our specific needs, beginning with TMAU, but also hopefully lead us in the right direction toward understanding the ramifications of this condition and it's managment. I also find comfort in knowing that he is also a well renowned medical doctor, thus giving us hope that he will be instrumental in spearheading our raising awareness efforts in the medical community.


  1. PRESTIGEOUS INSTITUTION: The distinguished reputation the Cleveland Clinic has earned through the years amongst the medical and research communities around the world would probably be the primary reason this program has had such an enthusiastic response from sufferers. This institution has been ranked “One of America’s Top 4 Hospitals” by the U.S. News and World Report 2011-12 ‘Best Hospitals’ Ranking.
  2. DISTINGUISED EXPERT OVERSEEING THE PROGRAM: The prominent credentials of the medical doctor/researcher in charge of this program,
  3. THE VERY LOW COST OF THE TEST: Only $150 plus round trip shipping using special rates UPS and FedEx offers MEBO Research.

  4. PRIMARILY AIMS TO REACH ALL SUFFERERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: What sets this international program apart from any other TMAU Test/Research Program is that our primary focus is to include all sufferers from anywhere in the world to participate in initiating and taking advantage of testing and research opportunities.

María de la Torre Founder and Executive Director A Public Charity MEBO's Blog (English) El Blog de MEBO (español) The MEBO Forum IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the author's intent that readers not be mislead by our new "piggyback" approach with other disease focused research to mean that TMAU sufferers have these diseases. Having TMAU does not mean that a sufferer is going to necessarily have heart disease, epilepsy, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, or any other condition as a result of TMAU, simply because we strive to piggyback on any research done in these fields that may be mutually beneficial.


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