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Friday, February 17, 2012

Recruiting volunteer help for MEBO Programs

I am very happy to say that MEBO Research US and UK have grown very much these past months with the increased numbers of members in its directorship. As a result, the large volume of work has quadrupled, as new programs are being launching this year, as new directors bring with them new projects. These international programs consist of the MEBO-Menssana Alveolar Breath Test, the MEBO TMAU Test, starting the MEBO Membership List, and the Quality of Live research study by Dr. Colin Harvey-Woodworth. Each of these and other projects that are on the works entails a great deal of background, as those listed below.

  1. Web designing
  2. To write programs for our projects,
  3. a. Membership list, b. Scientific survey database, c. Create interactive test requisition forms and surveys in LimeSurvey, such as the one already done for the MEBO TMAU Test Requisiton Form.
  4. Bookkeeping with QuickBooks,
  5. Helping with secretarial work, including writing emails, letters, minutes of Board Meetings, maintain shippers' accounts for the MEBO TMAU and the Menssana tests, etc.
  6. Fundraising activities
  7. Raising awareness activities (writing emails and letters) during specific drives
  8. Accounting (occasionally)
  9. Legal services (occasionally)
  10. Translators into as many languages as possible – take any post from the English or Spanish blog and translate them into other languages.

Since MEBO is comprised solely of volunteers who want to work toward promoting research and uniting to find a cure, any and all of these tasks would be very flexible in the amount of hours expected a day, week, month, or year that a sufferer may want to invest in them. It is up to the volunteer to determine how much and when to donate time and work.

I am most grateful to each and every person who has contributed to MEBO Research's aims in one way or another. Our cause is as strong as the participation invested by members of our international community in as many languages as possible.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please send an email to


halitosis research
María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

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Anonymous said...

It seems we are having a hard time getting chronic odor recognized for disability . I feel this may be partly due to our subjectivity . For this reason I was thinking it is important to get the opinion of employers and businesses about odor .

What do employers think about hiring someone who has severe odor due to hygiene choice ?

Then how do they feel about someone with severe odor due to a medical issue ?

How about businesses ? There are lots of places touting "odor free" signs. Airlines ,Buses, trains, stores, all the places we may dread. What is the consensus for how they treat people with strong odor ?

We can say all day how its horrible they way we are treated . How its hard to get jobs, the anxiety ,etc.. . Because its coming from the sufferer ,maybe its swept under the rug . My suggestion is to inadvertently have the other side speak for us instead.

Would anyone like to write a brief questionnaire to employers /businesses to get input on strong odors ?

Please contact me
Thank you folks

Feb 18, 2012, 2:59:00 AM
Maria de la T., Founder and Executive Director, MEBO Research said...

Thanks jojo for your recommendation. I agree, this would be a very good approach. I like the idea of targeting those businesses that are places most dreaded by sufferers.

I would like to see a group of sufferers get together to come up with a few questions to ask these businesses, and a few persons who would help get email addresses of the Public Relations or Human Resources Department of these companies, so that we can send them the questions.

Maybe this could be a topic of discussion in today's Skype call? All readers of this post are encouraged to present their questions to employers in this comment box.

Feb 18, 2012, 8:35:00 AM
aj.mcclay said...

Cheryl fields should be included in this!

Feb 22, 2012, 4:10:00 PM
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